Best Windows Azure Training in Hyderabad

VisualPath is a well-established training institute for Windows Azure, we provide both online and offline training for the students for various locations in India and Abroad (US,UK,Singapore). We are the pioneers in the Microsoft Azure Online Training in Hyderabad.

Microsoft Azure is for Freshers, Developers who are having knowledge on .Net and Java Technologies. We have trained more than 15000 students in India and Abroad on MS Windows Azure.

Windows Azure Basics

  • Windows Azure Introduction
  • Creating Azure Free Account
  • Understanding Azure Subscriptions and Roles
  • Understanding Azure Portals

➣ASM (Azure Service Manager)
➣ARM (Azure Resource Manager)


Building blocks

• Compute

1.Introduction to Virtual Machines
➣ Compute tiers
➣ pricing
2. Different ways to deploy virtual machines
3. Configuring and managing Azure virtual machines
4. Advanced concepts on Azure virtual machines
➣ Different types of VM images
➣ Custom images
➣ VM disks
➣ VM endpoints
➣ Availability sets
➣ Assigning static Ips

• Network

  1. Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks
    2. Creating and Managing Azure virtual networks
    3. Understanding Network ACLs and Network Security groups
    4. Understanding Azure DIP, VIP and PIP
    5. Azure VNET to VNET
    6. Azure Point to Site
    7. Azure Site to Site
    8. Azure ExpressRoute

• Storage

  1. Introduction to Windows Azure Storage
    2. Understanding Different Azure Storage replication techniques
    3. Different types of Azure Storage options
    ➣ Azure File Storage
    ➣ Azure Blob Storage
    ➣ Azure Queue Storage
    ➣ Azure Table Storage
    4. Advanced Concepts on Windows Azure Storage
    ➣ Storage Access Keys
    ➣ Storage Access Signatures
    ➣ Use cases for Azure File, Table, Queue and Blob storage
    ➣ Different types of Blobs

Identity and Access management

• Windows Azure Active Directory

  1. Active Directory Fundaments
    2. Active Directory Fundaments OAuth
    3. Multifactor Authentication
    4. Understanding Differences Between Traditional AD and Azure AD
    5. Understanding Azure AD integration
    6. Azure AD data Sync
    7. Role-based Access Control


•Windows Azure WebApps

  1. Introduction to Azure Web Apps
    2. Understanding Web App Tiers and Pricing
    3. Understanding App Service Plans
    4. Understanding Different Ways to deploy Web Apps
    5. Deployment pipeline
    6. Scaling Web Apps
    7. Supported Languages
    8. Security and Monitoring
    9. Understanding Web jobs
    10. Azure Logic Apps
    11. Azure API Apps

• Azure SQL Database

  1. Introduction Azure SQL Database as a service
    2. Comparing Azure SQL and Traditional SQL
    3. Benefits of Azure SQL database
    4. Advanced capabilities
    5. Backup options
    6. Scaling Azure SQL Database
    7. Security
    8. Pricing

• Windows Azure Service Bus

  1. Introduction to Windows Azure Service Bus
    2. Service Bus Queues
    3. Service Bus Topics
    4. Service Hub Relays
    5. Event Hubs

• Azure Traffic Manager

  1. Introduction Azure Traffic Manager 2. Understanding Different traffic routing methods
    ➣ Priority method (Failover method)
    ➣ Weighted method (Round-robin method)
    ➣ Performance method (Performance method)

• Azure CDN

  1. Introduction Azure CDN
    2. Understanding Azure CDN
    3. Setting up Azure CDN

•Other Windows Azure Services

➣ Azure SAAS
➣ Azure Backup
➣ Azure Load balancer
➣ Azure Site Recovery
➣ Azure PowerShell
➣ Azure CLI
➣ Azure Cloud Services
➣ Azure Automation

• Windows Azure Certification Exam Objectives and Discussion

➣ 70-533-Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
➣ 70-532-Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
➣ 70-534-Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions


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