IoT Training in Hyderabad


Who can attend: Everyone who is passionate                                              Pre-requisites No-Pre-requisites

Course Duration: 30 Hours    Skills you will gain: Internet of Things, Python Programming, Raspberry Pi

loT Course Content:

  1. Introduction:
    • What is loT?
    • Why do we need loT?
    • Benefits of loT
    • loT features
    • Top loT Projects
    • loT Project Ideas


  1. loT Ecosystem:
    • Basic Architecture
    • 3-Layer Architecture
    • 5-Layer Architecture
    • Cloud Computing in loT
    • Fog Computing in loT
    • loT Taxonomy (Perception, Pre-processing, Communication, Middleware, Applications)


  1. Raspberry Pi:
    • Capabilities of Raspberry Pi
    • Raspberry Pi Hardware (Sensor & Actuator)
    • Raspberry Pi Accessories
    • Raspberry Pi OS Installation
    • loT Demo


  1. Python Programming on Raspberry Pi Board:
    • Basic Linux Commands
    • Getting Started with Python
    • Variables, Data Types, Casting,
    • Operators(Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison, Logical, Identity, Membership, Bitwise)
    • Arrays – List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary and their Methods
    • Conditions and If statements
    • While loop with break and continue
    • For loop with break and continue and associated functions.
    • Functions – Creating, Calling, Parameters, Default Parameter, Return Values
    • Arrays, Accessing, its Methods.
    • Classes and Objects – Creating, Methods, Self Parameter, Modify Object Properties
    • Modules, Create & Use, Variables, Naming & Renaming, Built-in Modules.
    • Json, Convert from Json, Python objects into Json strings
    • Python PIP
    • File Handling- Creating, Read, Write & Delete.


  1. AWS loT Setup for Application Development:
    • Introduction to AWS loT
    • Creating a THING in AQS loT
    • Downloading SDK and Configuring Raspberry Pi.
    • Downloading Certificates from AWS loT console
    • Installing Certificate in Raspberry Pi
    • Connecting sensors to Raspberry Pi
    • Configuring Raspberry sketch to connect to AWS loT thru WiFi
    • Establishing, Publishing and Subscribing to MQTT
    • Send Data from Raspberry Pi to AWS loT


  1. Dynamo DB
    • Configuring Dynamo DB
    • Create Table in Dynamo DB
    • Create rule link in Dynamo DB
    • Store Sensor Data from AWS loT in Dynamo DB
  2. loT Project (like one of the examples below)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera (or)
  • Controlling a Machine by sensing temperature (or)
  • Controlling a Buzzer using Ultrasonic ranger (or)
  • Plot location and Route on Google Map (or) similar.

8. Arduino

9. Wyliodrin  – Simulator Package


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