Mule Soft Training in Hyderabad

What is Mulesoft ?
MuleSoft is a data integration platform built to connect a variety of data sources and
applications, and perform analytics and ETL processes. MuleSoft has also developed connectors
for SaaS applications to allow analysis on SaaS data in conjunction with cloud-based and
traditional data sources.
Mulesoft Course Content :
• SOA architecture and Microservices
• Anypoint Studio (Mule Palette and its sub entities, Mavenisation)
• Processing Strategy
• Flow, Sub-Flow, Private Flow, Flow Reference
• Mule Event– Mule message
• MEL Expression
• Variables and their scopes
• Transports(Http/File/SFTP/MQ/VM)
• Mule Packaging, Domain Project and Property placeholder
• First Application
• Flow control- (Choice Router, scatter-gather, API Kit Router, Splitter, Aggregator)
• Scopes: Poll, Batch, Composite Source, Message Enricher, For Each, Flow, Sub Flow.
• Application Enhancement for first Application.
• Database Connector (SQL and No-SQL)
• Data Weave/Transform message
• Application Enhancement for first Application
• Web-Service Consumption.
• URI Parameter and Query Parameter
• RAML File Creation
• RAML Consumption and exposing of an API.
• Creating and Consuming API in First Application
• Exception Handling – Default, catch Exception, Rollback exception, Choice exception Strategy
• Implementing various Exception Strategy in First Application.
• Additional Functionality using JAVA Component.

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