Mongo DB Training in Hyderabad

The goal of Mongo DB Training course is to provide developers easy and complete understanding of the Mongo DB with our Class Room Training. The Mongo DB Training course provides a series of sessions & Lab Assignments which introduce and explain Mongo DB features that are used to code, debug and deploy Mongo DB. Mongo DB CourseTraining in Hyderabad. Mongo DB Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet.

Mongo DB is a Non-SQL database application, built as free and open-source multi-platform document- oriented database.
The database application uses JSON-like schema for performing interfacing with the data. Mongo DB was developed primarily
to overcome the limitation of complex development and scalability with traditional RDBMS system when used for web applications.

Developed as a FreeWare Database application Mongo-DB breaks away from the traditional RBDMS systems for data management.
Some of main features of Mongo-DB include Adhoc Queries, Indexing, Load Balancing, Aggregation, Server-Side JavaScript Execution etc.

Our training on Mongo DB offers deep understanding of fundamentals and practical usage of this Non- SQL database application.
The training starts with understanding the architecture and components of Mongo DB. Proceeding further we learn about the features
of Mongo DB like Aggregation, Adhoc Query designing, Indexing etc.

Objective of the course
To learn key features of Mongo DB.
Working with Mongo DB to create complex Queries, Indexing and Server Scripting.
Working on live projects for insurance, banking and retail domain.
How the program will be conducted
conducive learning environment, with a team of highly skilled trainers having years of industry experience.
Classroom trainings will be conducted on a daily basis. Practical exercises are provided for the topics conducted on
daily basis to be worked upon during the lab session.

Career Opportunities in Mongo DB
With the popularity of Web applications increasing exponentially, the need for robust Databases are on high demand;
open-source databases like Mongo DB are very popular in this space. This has pushed in the need for Mongo Db developer/consultants/architects etc.
Our well experienced trainer and well planned course materials ensures for 100% success in interviews.

Who can learn?
Targeted Audience
Software Developers
SQL consultants
College Students/ Fresher’s
DWH consultants
Pre-Requisite for learning the course
Basic understanding of programming language like C, C++ and some amount of Scripting with JavaScript can be of great advantage.
Any exposure to JSON is beneficial.

Mongo DB Training institute in Hyderabad
When / why we use MongoDB?
Installation and Administration

MongoDB Installation

Starting and stopping MongoDB servers

MongoDB Basics

Documents / Objects
Clients and drivers

Overview and integration
Building applications with MongoDB

Overview Of MongoDB Applications
Getting started
Examples and labs
Advanced querying

Conditional operators
Limit and skip
Aggregation and grouping
Map / reduce
Security and Authentication

Performance and scaling

Master / slave
Import / Export and backup strategies

GridFS Overview

Mongo DB Training in Hyderabad
Mongo DB Online Training Institute in Ameerpet

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Mongo DB Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet
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Mongo DB Training institute in Hyderabad Telangana
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Mongo DB Training in Ameerpet
Mongo DB Course in Hyderabad