Linux Training in Hyderabad

The goal of Linux Training course is to provide developers easy and complete understanding of the Linux with our Class Room Training. The Linux Training course provides a series of sessions & Lab Assignments which introduce and explain Linux features that are used to code, debug and deploy Linux. Linux courseTraining in Hyderabad. Linux training in Hyderabad Ameerpet.

                                LINUX-COURSE CONTENT

Introduction to Linux
• History of UNIX & Linux
• Basic Concepts of Operating System

• File System of Linux
• Creating, Removing, Copying, Moving files & Directories
• File Permissions

Intermediate Command Line tools
• Soft link & hard links
• Introduction to VIM
• Basic VIM workflow

Regular Expressions, Pipelines & I/O Redirections
• Using Grep
• Pipelines & Redirections Basic Regular Expressions

Linux Installation
• Installation of Linux Graphically
• Kick Start Installation
• Network Installation (using ftp, NFS & HTTP)
• Combining kickstart & N/W installation
• Complete automated installation

User & Group Administration
• Creating & Deleting Users
• Modifying Users Profile
• Files related to User Administration
• Creating & Removing Groups
• Adding & Removing Users to Groups

Controlling Access to Files
• Applying File System Access Control List (ACL)
• Restricting a particular user to use a file or directory
• Making a partition ACL enabled

Managing SELinux
• Basic SELinux Security Concepts
• SELinux Models
• Display & Modify SELinux Models
• Display & Modify SELinux File Context

Managing Partitions & File Systems
• Diff type of FS like ext3,ext4,xfs etc
• Simple Partition & File System
• Enabling Data Privacy with Partition Encryption
• Managing Swap Space
• Increasing & Decreasing swap spaces
• Mounting a File system & Making it Permanent

Logical Volume Management
• Components of LVM
• Implementation of LVM Storage
• Creating Volume Groups & Logical Volumes
• Extend a Logical Volume
• Extending & reducing a Volume Group
• Performing LVM Graphically
• FS Related issues in Real time

Network Configuration & Trouble Shooting
• Introduction to Networking and Connections
• Understanding Network Configuration Files in 6&7
• Assigning IP Address
• Troubleshooting, IP-aliasing
• Nic-Bonding

• Introduction to firewalld services
• Allowing a service/port in firewall
• Removing a service/port in firewall

• Saving and making the rules permanent in firewall

Job Automation
• Using Cron jobs
• Using At Jobs
• Restricting Users from using Cron jobs

Network File Services (NFS)
• Demons and workflow of NFS demons
• Configuring NFS server
• Mounting NFS Directory on Clients
• Auto mounting NFS

Managing Process
• Monitoring Processes
• Terminating & Governing Processes
• Setting up Priority of the Process
• usage of Top command

Boot Process
• Boot Process
• Repairing Boot Issues
• Real time Boot issues

Recovering Root Password
• Dealing with SE Linux to recover root password
• Recovering the Super user Password
• Recovering Boot Loader

Disabling USB & CD Rom Drivers
• Blacklisting & Disabling USB
• Blacklisting & Disabling CD-Rom

Managing Installed Services
• Starting, stopping, reloading & refreshing service
• Managing Services
• Confirm Service Availability
• Making service enabled & disabled or various run levels

Accessing a Remote System
• Using SSH
• Generating Keys
• Copying Pub Keys using “ssh-copyid” command
• Password Less Logging between two Systems

Enhanced User Security
• Configuring SUDO
• Limiting SUDO Users
• Checking logs of SUDO users, Real time issues & usage.

Backup & Restore
• Backing up data using tar
• Applying gzip on tar file
• Uncompressing tar and gzip files

Installing Software
• Using rmp command
• Using yum command
• creating yum repository
• configuring yum server
• configuring yum clients


File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
• Using FTP
• Configuring FTP for anonymous users
• Configuring FTP for upload files
• Configuring FTP for Downloading files
• Restricting Users for FTP

Network File Services (NFS)
• Daemons and workflow of NFS Daemons
• Configuring NFS server
• Mounting NFS Directory on Clients
• Auto mounting NFS

SAMBA Server
• Configuring SAMBA service for file sharing with Windows
• Connecting SAMBA server from Windows Client

• Configuring DNS server
• Integrating DSN server with clients

Web Server
• Configuring Apache web server
• Redirecting the website

Virtual web hosting
• Port Based web hosting
• Name based web hosting

Mail Server
• Configuring Postfix for sending the mails
• Configuring Dovecot for receiving the mails
• Testing the mail flow

Squid Proxy
• Configuring squid proxy for internet sharing
• blocking unwanted websites
• Changing the default port of proxy

DHCP Server
• Configuring dhcp server
• Creating scopes and ranges
• Client side integration

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